Please see also the scheduled meeting- and departure times regarding pick up at Ranong, and at the islands Koh Chang and Koh Phayam. Within this link, you can also see the scheduled returning times to each location.

Day 0

Meeting time and pick up

Meeting point for all Southern Dive Safaris is at Chalong Bay Pier at 19:00, (a big concrete pier), which is situated in the southeast of Phuket. Departure time will be 20.00.

We will head first to the island group of Koh Ha, which is located far west of Koh Lanta. On the way, we will give a specified boat briefing for this tour, including introducing our crew, explaining about safety rules, showing you around onboard and so on. Also we will enjoy together our first dinner.

dt superior cabin

In the evening we will also setup your dive equipment, ready for you to start the first dive the next morning. When everybody is comfortable settled and sleeping, we will arrive at Koh Ha, where we will have a nice and safe mooring place for this night.

Day 1

The first dive of the day will be usually the most northern island of Koh Ha, also called No 1. Here you'll find a nice cascading hard coral reef with swim throughs, a chimney, overhangs and a good portion of marine life.

For the rest of the day we head more direction southwest to the sister reefs of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang. This places are the counterparts to the Richelieu Rock in the north just bigger. There we can find everything from small to very big marine life, from tiny sea needles and nudibranchs up to Whale Sharks and Manta Rays, it's just awesome!

The night we will spend back at Koh Ha, as we find safe and also a scenic mooring spot over there.

Day 2

Today we start the day with an exciting dive at Koh Ha No5, 'The Cathedral'. Enjoy a really nice and smooth dive, with the highlight being a 3-room-dome where we can even surface slowly. Outside we find a healthy reef. Most of the time we see a big school of squid here.

Second dive will be Koh Ha Laguna. Here we find tons of macro stuff and you can spend lots of time at this place. After this dive we will relax at the beach during our surface interval.

The third dive of this day will take place at Koh Bida Nok, which belongs to Koh Phi Phi. At this dive site you have a good chance to see leopard sharks, big schools of fusiliers cruising around the many pinnacles.

After this dive, we move on to the scenic Maya Bay, the most famous beach of Koh Phi Phi, where we have time to get on the beach. Usually we do the last dive of the day, a sunset- or a night dive, near this beach. Mooring tonight will be in a safe bay near Phi Phi Island.

Day 3

Another nice day with 3 dives where the order of first and second will be decided by the currents. We will dive at Shark Point and King Cruiser Wreck.

At Shark Point, we find a healthy coral reef with an amazing amount of huge sea fans. It's also a good place to spot leopard sharks. King Cruiser Wreck is a magnet for small and medium fishes, a nice wreck to penetrate (although with caution!) and a must-to-do-dive if we are in that area.

The last dive of the trip will be at Anemone Reef, which is -like it's name says- fully covered by anemones. It's nice to watch how the anemones are moved by the gentle currents. During one dive you can circumnavigate the rock. Always we find ghost pipe fishes and or seahorses over here.

After this last dive, we head back to Chalong Bay Pier in Phuket, where we should arrive about 16.00. Continuing travel services can be taken care of.