View of an underwater cave while diving in Burma

Liveaboard Diving in Burma Diving at the Mergui Archipelago

Burma Dive Safari A

4 days / 3 nights / 10 dives

Liveaboard diving in Myanmar (Burma)
You will dive at the southern part of the Mergui Archipelago

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Master Cabin
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* Fees are subject to change depending on changing rates at the National Marine Parks. For more info about the fees, see our link Additional Dive Fee Info's.

* Equipment rental prices are based on the rental of a full set of dive equipment, which includes a tank, weights, mask, shorty wetsuit, regulator, BCD, booties and fins. Rates are less if you bring your dive equipment. For more info see our link Dive Equipment.


Please see also the scheduled meeting- and departure times regarding pick up at Ranong, and at the islands Koh Chang and Koh Phayam. Within this link, you can also see the scheduled returning times to each location.

Day 1

Meeting at Ranong

As all our trips to Burma start from Ranong, we will meet today at 'The House of Happinez', a cozy lodge next to the Raksawarin Hot Springs in Ranong. From here we will transfger all our guests to our liveaboard MY Merit. We will depart from Thailand as soon as the Thai immigration clears our way.



Departure to Burma

While we are crossing the river on the way to Kawthaung, the border town in Burma, we will have lunch and give you a specified boat briefing for this tour, including introducing our crew, explaining about safety rules, showing you around onboard and so on.

Once we arrive at Kawthaung (which is the harbour in Myanmar) in the early afternoon, we wait for the Burmese authorites to check us in. In the meantime, you can have a little stroll on land to see what's going on in this border town. When we receive clearance, we start to sail up north into the Archipelago.

On the way you have time to relax and to get to know the other people on the tour. In the meantime, we'll take care of setting up your dive equipment. Our first destination in Burma will be the area of Mc. Leod Island, where we will stay for the night in a bay.

Day 2

Juhu, it's our first day of diving during this tour! Wake up fresh in the morning and have a little snack, coffee or tea as a starter. After the dive briefing, we'll gear up for diving. This day we will dive at 3 Sisters, Orange Rock, Paradise Rock and one more to choose. You will see lot's of colorful reefs, as this area is full of soft corals and offers interesting macro life. After the first dive we will serve European breakfast, which is common for each dive and each day: after each dive, we will serve 1] breakfast, 2] lunch. and 3] diner. Inbetween we'll serve fresh fruits and snacks.

Let's get back to our first day: In the area where we are, the scenery above the waterline is pretty amazing too. During the day we should have the chance to get on one of the empty beaches.

After the last dive we sail a bit down south. And when the sun sets down, we'll likely sit together in the lounge or at the sun beds, gazing at the sceneries around us and chatting about all we've seen today.

Day 3

In the neighbourhood of the exciting dive site Western Rocky there's a nice pinnacle, where we like to start day 3. Today we will stay all day at Western Rocky, as this place offers quite some different dive spots and is believed to be one of the best spots of the Mergui Archipelago.

It is an outstanding dive area, with lots of colorful corals and sponges, a tunnel - which is inhabited by lots of lobsters - which runs through the island, amazing walls, a beautiful arch with a good chance of seeing frogfish there, and all in all this spot offers tremendous marine life and fantastic views. It's also a great spot for making night dives, so probably we'll end the day with a beautiful dive after sunset here.

Day 4

During the last day of this tour, we will dive at 2 other dive sites. The morning dive will be at Fan Forest Pinnacle, which is probably the deepest site in the southern area of the Mergui Archipelago. Here we have a good chance to see big stuff. Lot's of huge gorgonian fans allow for great panoramic views. Our second and last dive is at Laguna, which offers us a good chance to have nice encounters with marine life like seahorses, ghostpipe fishes and nudibranchs.

After diving and during lunch, our captain will start to sail back to Kawthaung. Once we arrive at the harbor, you will have some time again to do some shopping. After the immigration passes us back our passports, we will move back to Ranong, Thailand, again, in order to receive a new visa for your return back into Thailand.

We hope you a great time while cruising and diving around in Burma!



  • You can expcet reefs full of, for example, gorganians, soft corals, hard colors, sponges and, feather stars.
  • Having a break in between the dives at the lounge on the upper deck at the MY Merit
  • At dive sites like 3 Sisters, Orange Rock and Paradise Rock you can find lots of photogenic colorful nudibranchs
  • Western Rocky is remotely situated out in the blue and offers various superb dive sites
  • Although sharks are becoming more rare, we still can have encounters with these great animals in the Mergui Archipelago

Please note

The itinerary as presented above is provided as sample and subject to change based on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Let's go diving!