Liveaboard Diving in ThailandAt the West Coast in the Andaman Sea

Similan Dive Safari

3 days / 3 nights / 10 dives

Liveaboard diving in Thailand at the Similan- and Surin National Marine Park
You will dive at dive sites like Richelieu Rock, the Surin Islands, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon

Master Head Cabin
22.900 THB
16.030 THB
Master Cabin
21.500 THB
15.050 THB
Superior Cabin
20.500 THB
14.350 THB
Standard Cabin
13.230 THB
9.261 THB
1.800 THB
1.000 THB

* Fees are subject to change depending on changing rates at the National Marine Parks. For more info about the fees, see our link Additional Dive Fee Info's.

* Equipment rental prices are based on the rental of a full set of dive equipment, which includes a tank, weights, mask, shorty wetsuit, regulator, BCD, booties and fins. Rates are less if you bring your dive equipment. For more info see our link Dive Equipment.


Please see also the scheduled meeting- and departure times regarding pick up at Ranong, and at the islands Koh Chang and Koh Phayam. Within this link, you can also see the scheduled returning times to each location.

Day 0

Pickup at Ranong

Today we will meet at 'The House of Happinez', which is a cozy lodge situated next to the Public Raksawarin Hot Springs Park of Ranong. From here we will transfer all guests to our liveaboard MY Merit.

merit ps mastercabin


Pickup at Koh Chang island

After departure with the vessel, we will head to our dive base at Koh Chang, which is situated in Cashew Resort in Ao Yai Bay. Here we will pick up all guests who start the tour from Koh Chang. Please make sure you check the meeting- and departure time as above.

Pickup at Koh Payam island

After Koh Chang, we will head to Koh Payam, to pick up our remaining guests there. Please make sure you check the meeting- and departure time as above.

Heading to the Surin islands

When everybody is onboard, we will start heading to the Surin Islands. We will give a specified boat briefing for this tour, including introducing our crew, explaining about safety rules, showing you around onboard and so on.

On our way to the Surin islands we will also setup your dive equipment, ready for you to start the first dive the next morning. When everybody is comfortable settled and sleeping in the cabins or under the stars if you prefer, we arrive at the Surin islands.

Day 1

The first dive  of the cruise will be at Richelieu Rock, which can be described as a big aquarium. You will find almost everything here that you can also find in Fish Guides which cover the Andaman Sea in Thailand. It’s also said to be one of the places in Thailand, where you will have a good chance to see Whale Sharks. The last two seasons this has been right actually: for unknown reasons we saw more Whale Sharks here then ever before! You can also see big schools of barracudas, batfishes, jacks, lots of fussliers in many different colors, all kinds of pipe fishes, seahorses, ghostpipe fishes and cute actions of cuttle fishes and much more...

Once we all returned from our dive at this beautifull dive site, we will make our next dive at Koh Tachai: one of our favorite dive sites too. At this dive site there is most of the times so many fish action - unbelievable! Wether it's a group of more than 500 barracudas, jack fish hunting all over the place, petrolling tunas, a leopard shark passing by, big groups of lionfishes floating around, it's all there. But be aware, this place also offers some good currents from time to time.

For the last dive we are heading to Koh Bon, which is located a little southwards of Koh Tachai. Here our main misson is defintely to see manta rays, which are often seen at the ridge in the southwestern part of the island. Our dive at Koh Bon will be a sunset- or night dive. During the night we will stay at Koh Bon Bay, which offers a good shelter for the evening and the night.

Day 2

Today we will do 2 morning dives at Koh Bon, as this dive destination has multiple dive sites on offer. The first dive we will jump at the pinnacle. This dive site is deeper and is not very big, but offers great shows by jack fish and other schools of fish. We may also see leopard sharks and playfull octopuses at the pinnacle, which is overgrown with lots of smaller yellow softcorals.

The second dive we will jump at the wall, which is a little inside the bay of Koh Bon. Here you'll find a pretty colorful wall with some unique nudibranchs. We will continue our dive towards the outer place of the bay, where you'll find the ridge. Here we hang out a while, looking into the blue, enjoying the small Napoleon family that lives here, while keeping a glance at the big blue: manta rays often pass by here.

For the third dive we will head back to the dive site Koh Tachai, our final dive of the day will be a sunset- or night dive at Koh Torinla, which is situated at the Surin Islands. Here you'll have a good chance to see smaller reef sharks, blue spotted sting rays and turtles. Once we are settled back onboard, we will have diner together and enjoying the night onboard, while we are staying at a protected bay within the Surin National Marine Park.

Day 3

Great! Today we make 2 more dives at Richelieu Rock! At this place you will never get enough (we still don't after numerous dives here!). You'll always see something spectaculair or something you haven't seen before. Have a closer look this time what's living inside those numerous wholes and cracks. You will be amazed what you can find! After these 2 dives, we sail back up north, heading home to the islands Koh Payam and Koh Chang and to Ranong.

We guess you'll see quite some sceneries with great fish swarms in your dreams tonight!


  • The island Koh Bon has a whole! This photo is taken out of the sheltered bay.
  • Lots of big schools of fish at Burma and at some places in Thailand. You can see snappers, mackerels, tunas, fusiliers, barracuda's and trevallies.
  • Richelieu Rock is only coming out during low tide. It is probably the best dive site Thailand has to offer in the Andaman Sea.
  • Seahorses can be found at many spots in the Andaman Sea. They often hide between corals with identical colors to themselves, so you must have a good eye to spot them.
  • This is Ao Yai Bay at Koh Phayam. During some tours, we arrive and depart from here.
  • Having a break in between the dives at the lounge on the upper deck at the MY Merit
  • Enjoy the fish swarms at Richelieu Rock, Koh Tachai and Koh Bon!
  • Strangely enough, whale sharks are seen more and more during each following dive season. In the last seasons we had many dives with meeting these majestic animals, where as many years ago it' was very rare to see them.

Please note

The itinerary as presented above is provided as sample and subject to change based on weather conditions or other unforeseen circumstances.

Let's go diving!